Nativus coatings, in resin or micro-cement, are generally used in interiors for a continuous, grout-free effect. Only in certain cases can they be used outdoors and, in this case, we suggest contacting our technical department.

Certainly not! One of the strengths of our coatings is the possibility or renewing floors and walls without having to remove tiles and other materials.

There are countless situations in which the product can be applied; our dealers and specialised application technicians can assess the existing situation and decide how to proceed together.

It will not be necessary to intervene on the house’s doors and window frames because the product is only a few mm thick, with the exception of self-levelling products which can be up to 5-mm thick.

Our coatings can also be applied on floors with underfloor heating. In these cases it is advisable to consult our technicians to assess together the type of support.

Seamless floors are extremely practical as they require low maintenance and accumulate far less dirt compared to traditional floors. Stains, dust and dirt do not build up in grout lines but remain on the surface, where they can be removed more easily.

All products belonging to Nativus systems are certified and are all manufactured by us; moreover, they are certified for responding to the specific design and usage requirements.

The Nativus catalogue includes as many as 7 types of coatings that can adapt to any style! Continuous flooring can blend into any environment – whether classic or modern.

These coatings are not only designed for residential applications but also for commercial facilities such as restaurants, shops and showrooms. Our Technical Department will be able to recommend the most suitable system based on the intended use.

Absolutely! With special protective coatings, they are ideal for use in highly humid environments such as bathrooms, shower cabins and spas.

If they are mounted on a support that has been adequately designed and built, shower trays can be coated safely with Nativus coatings.

Thanks to our extensive assortment, the Nativus catalogue includes a number of options from which to choose: from the more traditional and minimalist to the more creative ones!

The final protective coatings on Nativus coatings can be either glossy or matt.

Nativus coatings boast excellent resistance to scratching, in varying degrees depending on the system. Choosing the correct system and the final protective coating greatly limits potential scratching in the event of incorrect behaviour during normal use and maintenance. We suggest consulting the use and maintenance guide.

The protective coatings used in Nativus systems have all been tested to ensure that they do not get stained after prolonged contact with coffee, oil and wine. It is important to remember that the protective coatings must be chosen and applied correctly.

For routine cleaning of any Nativus coating, we suggest always using neutral detergents such as Lilium, while for extraordinary cleaning you can use specially formulated products. Ask your application technician or our Technical Department for further information.

Some coatings, such as Material for walls and Dekora for floors, can be worked to varying degrees depending on the style of the application technician. For Corlite and Natural it is also possible to mix several colours, depending on the desired effect.

No, not only. A wall finished with Material retains all the performance and impermeability properties of a resin coating.

Yes, Material can be used to cover the walls of the shower in a creative and textured way.

Material is the quintessential wall coating. However, if combined with Crystepo, it could also work as a floor coating. Ask our technical department for advice.

The various versions of Crystepo make different thicknesses that allow for incorporating various objects. To make these types of creations, we always suggest contacting specialised application technicians or our technical department.

The Lamine coating also be used on walls, obviously by adopting appropriate measures. Consult our technicians before application.