At the service of professionals

We work to respond to contemporary living needs. Whether it be the design requirements of architects and engineers, the living needs of individuals or the demands of application specialists, we take care of spaces and the people who will experience or inhabit them, under every aspect.


We have thirty years of experience in the world of resin surfaces. We work side-by-side with architects by providing them with the know-how we have acquired and developed as producers and application specialists. Together we analyse the site and identify its critical aspects so that everyone does a perfect job, as early as the design phase.
Our network of technicians and application specialists, scattered throughout the territory, allows us to collaborate in completing the most demanding of projects, such as large building works.

Application technicians

We are aware of the challenges that the market poses to today’s entrepreneurs. For this reason, we have set up an academy that’s unique among its kind in Italy, combining theoretical-practical lessons with the most recent marketing and communication studies. The aim is to allow participants to attain the highest level of expertise and skill in the application field.
The Nativus Academy course consists of seven different modules which enable students who complete them to obtain the qualification of Nord Resine – Nativus Master Resin-Application Specialist.
This achievement will allow them to participate in training courses as tutors, receive personalised and fixed discounts in their relevant territory, participate in the private chats of our technicians, talk directly to Nativus Master Resin-Application Specialists and represent our brand within the market.
But that’s not all: whoever completes the course will be inserted in teams to participate in the most important and innovative projects for our company.


We are able to satisfy specific design requirements. The Nord Resine Group in-house laboratories – added to our know-how and qualifications – enable us to collaborate with engineers to develop personalised solutions and solve together any design-related issue.
We respond to any dedicated technical and aesthetic need also during the application and maintenance phases of the resin coating. The only result we aim for is perfection.


Dealers are an essential part of our development process.
Each one is a fundamental partner for us, a link between Nativus and the Master Resin-Application Specialists.
That’s why we organise dedicated courses covering both technical and commercial aspects, as well as demonstrative evenings to provide comprehensive and conscious information on our products and activities.
Our aim is to facilitate each partner during the sale so that they can respond in a timely and efficient way to any customer need.

Distribution efficiency

We have forged solid and stable professional relationships with our network of dealers and application specialists, who are scattered extensively throughout the entire territory. We believe in the value and quality of the relationships with our collaborators and constantly cultivate them with a committed attitude.
Each of them is familiar with Nativus, its products and the most suitable application techniques for each project.
Together we are able to respond to any type of need in a timely and quick way.

High-quality results

We train our application specialists by providing them with the necessary know-how, experience and skills. Not only: we ensure they are constantly updated on the techniques and tools required for performing a thorough and precise job.
Thanks to the Nativus Academy and the courses we frequently organise during the year, we can guarantee projects of an extremely high quality standard, at any time and in any context.