The art of moulding surfaces

We design and manufacture continuous resin surfaces and have been doing so for over thirty years.

Esperienza, ricerca e sviluppo della materia

Ours is a story of intuition, dedication and talent. The Nord Resine Group embarked on this path in the 1990s and we continue to face the challenge day after day, to offer timely and effective solutions to contemporary living needs.

Boundless coatings

Available in a wide array of colours, resin is a ductile material that can be moulded into any shape and affords extensive creative freedom. Through our constant research activities we have developed a collection of seven textures characterised by distinctive technical and aesthetic properties. The end result is continuous surfaces that are unique and personal – just like you.

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We design and create together with you

Whether it be the design requirements of architects, the living needs of individuals or the demands of application specialists, we take care of your spaces and the people inhabiting them, under every aspect.

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